New Year attack on Gaza

Israel launches New Year F16 attack on Gaza border as UN condemns violence on both sides.

This is not a time to think about politics.

Here in this hospital in the Gaza Strip, it is just enough to survive and to cope with the trauma of the latest Israeli attack on the Palestinian enclave.

These Palestinians were injured as Israeli jets fired on selected targets within Gaza.

They were unfortunate to live nearby and were hurt in the collateral damage.

Israel sent F16 to target Palestinian government buildings in the sixth day of fighting between the hostile neighbours.

This was all that was left of the Palestinian Ministry of Justice after the night-time attack.

So far almost 400 Palestinians have died in the conflict - many of them civilians - and at least 4 Israelis.

Many believe this is just the beginning of a battle which could become bloodier still.

Other government offices faired no better ... here one of the missiles can be clearly seen.

Israel says it has lost patience with a continued series of rocket attacks on its border towns which has lasted years and has retaliated.

But as Gazans queue for scarce food supplies and start to pick up the pieces of their broken buildings there was growing international pressure for the warring neighbours to end hostilities.

The U.N. Security Council held and emergency meeting to discuss the violence.

Ban Ki-Moon the UN secretary general condemned the aggression of both sides.

SOUNDBITE: Ban Ki-Moon, United Nations Secretary-General, saying: (English)

"I wish to underline in the strongest possible terms the world's call for an immediate ceasefire that is fully respected by all parties. This must be achieved now. The parties must step back from the brink. All this violence must end."

Israel allowed 90 trucks carrying humanitarian aid supplies to cross the border into Gaza - attempted to underline that their quarrel was with Hamas not with the ordinary people of Gaza.

Hamas continued to launch rockets at southern Israel, hitting the cities of Beersheba, Ashdod and Ashkelon.

Three Israeli civilians and a soldier have been killed by rockets from the Gaza Strip since Israel began its air offensive.

Penny Tweedie, Reuters.