Australians flee fresh fires

Over 100 Australians flee their homes in southern Victoria state, as new fires threaten several communities.


Firefighters in Victoria were battling three new major fires and authorities warned homes could be at risk due to strong winds, dry conditions and rising temperatures.


Two weeks after Australia's worst fire disaster - the danger's not yet over.

New bushfires once again threatened several communities in southern Victoria state.

Two firefighters were injured as they battled three major blazes in Victoria.


Some tried to protect their houses.


As other residents got ready to leave.

SOUNDBITE: Unidentified local resident, saying (English):

"Mate it is always better to get out before this thing gets to you."

SOUNDBITE: Unidentified local resident, saying (English):

"It is only a house, that's all we leaving behind is a house. Full of memories, but we are what make the house."

Britain's Princess Anne visited a school in a small township which was hit by the fires.

The death toll from the February seventh fires has now hit 210 after another person died in hospital.

And several communities are still at risk - with rising temperatures, dry conditions and strong winds fuelling the fires.

Joanna Partridge, Reuters