Terms of service


The Dalje.com portal enables you to use its services and contents in accordance to the Terms of Service. Terms of Service are applied to all contents and services of the Dalje.com portal.

By using any part of the portal Dalje.com or any of its contents, its users are believed to be acquainted with these terms and all the risks of using this web-site, and have accepted to use the contents of this web-site exclusively for personal usage and at personal responsibility.


Kontineo Limited has copyright to all of its contents (texts, video and audio materials, databases and the program code). The unauthorised usage of any part of the portal, without permission from the holder of the copyright, is seen as violation of the copyright of the Kontineo limited and can be held liable for law suit.


Dalje.com withholds the right to change or rescind any content or service on the portal without prior notice. Besides its own contents, the contents of advertisers and links to other sites are present on the Dalje.com portal.

All contents of the Dalje.com portal shall be used at your own responsibility. Dalje.com is not accountable for any damages incurred by usage.

The business relation between the visitors and advertisers on and outside of the Dalje.com portal is the exclusive matter of a business deal between the visitor and advertisers. Dalje.com is not accountable for any damages incurred by advertisement on its portal.


Dalje.com respects the privacy of its users and visitors to the portal. Dalje.com will not distribute registration information or other information about the user to any third party, unless such an obligation is stipulated by the law.

In line with the law, Dalje.com can collect certain information on users received during the usage of the portal (exclusively information on the computer and on the Internet Provider). Dalje.com will use this information with the aim of improving the portal and direct and adjust its contents to the visitors. Dalje.com is obligated to preserve the privacy of the portal users, except in the case of a harsh violation of the Dalje.com portal’s rules or illegal activities of its users.


Users of the Dalje.com portal are strictly prohibited from:

– issuing, submitting and exchanging contents that violate valid Croatian and/or international laws, contents that are insulting, vulgar, threatening, racist of chauvinistic in nature

– issuing, submitting and exchanging information which the visitor knows or suspects to be false and whose usage could cause damage to other users

– false impersonation, that is, representation on behalf of another legal entity or person

– wilful issuing, submitting and exchanging of contents that contain viruses or similar computer files created with the purpose of obstructing or limiting the functioning of any computer software and/or hardware and telecommunication equipment

– collecting, saving and issuing personal information of other portal visitors and users.


By registering into the Dalje.com portal, the user acquires certain rights that other visitors of the portal do not have, which are listed on the club pages. Any visitor who registers can become a club member.

The publishing of contents under a certain username is the exclusive responsibility of the user using the username.

Dalje.com withholds the right to rescind or deny the use of a user account and/or one or more services for which the user has registered, without prior announcement and/or explanation.

Dalje.com is not accountable for any damage incurred by the rescinding of a user account and/or one or more services for which the user has registered.


Dalje.com withholds the right to change the Terms of Service at any time and will not be held accountable for possible consequences of such changes. Changes come into force by their publishing on these Internet pages.